Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where has the time gone? It's been 1.5 yrs since my last post.

I'll be quitting my job in a month to go back to school full time in the Fall. I'm pursuing a career in sonography and I'm sure that will fly by quickly too (15 mo program). So when I'm done -- bring me your bellies mommies!! Hahah!

Sara looks like a little lady now instead of a baby like her last picture. My big girl and her size 8 shoes (yes, that number is astounding to me!)
26 lbs and too heavy to tote around on my hip now. She's speaking in short sentences. She can go on and on in her gibberish and tell you her whole day spent with grandma while you grasp maybe 5 words and try to comprehend the gist of her entire story.

Here's to hopefully not extending my blog gaps to another 1.5 yr! No promises!