Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Little Cute Blessing

I am super lucky to have such a wonderful cute daughter! Sara is sporting her t-shirt that Kim bought her at Babies R Us. It says "My First Astros Tee" and her cute lil Converse sneakers. We didn't even get a chance to let her wear those shoes before she grew out of them. I managed to get her big feet into them just for the photo. She started getting cranky after a few minutes.

She's started to clap whenever you say "yeah!" She likes to shake her head "no" especially when she's done eating. She's also trying really hard to wave "goodbye" & "hi" to us when we leave for work & come home.

Sara was so hungry she just grabbed the bottle off her tray and started going at it. Now I'm trying to get her to hold it up herself. She can do it for a few minutes but then gets tired and starts sucking air. :( She'll get the hang of it.

She's kinda fussy these days with all her teeth. She's had her front bottom 4 teeth in for a while. Now all of a sudden, the top 4 are all coming in at the same time. It's really hurting her & we've been so thankful for the Orajel & Tylenol.

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  1. She is such a big girl these days!! Not too much longer til she is 1 :)!!